Data Warehouse

The data vault approach

When operational data arrives from multiple sources then a data warehouse may be required to capture change and reconcile figures. Millersoft Ltd practices building Data Warehouses using the Data Vault approach to ensure;

  • change within the data warehouse is easy and encouraged
  • data can be reconciled directly with operational systems
  • warehouse can scale
  • scope of any change is limited
  • reduce complexity and time need to generate cubes

Data warehouse overview

Pentaho Dashboard Designer

Interactive Dashboards

Pentaho’s rich and highly interactive dashboards help business users to easily identify the business metrics that are on track, and the ones that need attention. With no prior training, these users can create personalized dashboards to turn organizational metrics into visual and interactive representations.

Pentaho Interactive Dashboards

  • Web-based self-service dashboard designer
  • Rich library of pre-built layout templates and design themes
  • Graphical navigation with drilling on gauges, tables, and charts
  • Drillable from KPIs into underlying reports and analysis views
  • Portal and mash-up integration to seamlessly integrate into other applications

Millersoft configures Pentaho to make self-service Dashboards easy for business users.

Data Integration

Big data is everywhere and the volume is growing by the minute

Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) enables organizations to extract data from complex and heterogeneous sources and create consistent, high quality information for critical business applications. With a rich graphical user interface and a parallel processing engine, Pentaho Data Integration offers high performance ETL (extract, transform and load) that covers all data integration needs, including big data.

PDI use cases include:

  • Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
  • Data Migration
  • Application Consolidation
  • Data Synchronization

PDI provides:

  • Rich Graphical Designer
  • Broad Connectivity to Any Type of Data
  • Enterprise Scalability and Performance
  • Big Data Integration, Analytics and Reporting
  • Open and Standards based Architecture

Pentaho Data Integration Transformation Screenshot

Millersoft can configure PDI for high-volume throughput using advanced techniques; parallel processing, clustering on the Amazon cloud and bespoke customisation.

Point + Click Analytics

Analyse big data volumes

Pentaho provides a web-based interface for business users to access any data they wish to use in reporting, analytics and dashboards. With a simple wizard based approach, business users can turn their data into insight and make information driven decisions in minutes.

Pentaho Analytics
Pentaho Analytics
  • Web-based data access wizard for business users
  • Powerful data integration and federation for IT and developers
  • Access to any data type from Excel to Hadoop

Millersoft configures Pentaho to make all this possible. We extract data from operational databases, build the physical cubes needed to splice and dice and optimise Pentaho to handle Big Data volumes.